introducing the membership you've been waiting for

After all, the real change happen between your medical visits.

  • How many times have you left the doctor's office and thought I got this... until you get home and fall back into your old habits and routines. 


  • You left your doctors office frustrated, overwhelmed, with no idea where to start or what to do?

You are not alone!

This is the problem with health care; there is no support between the visit,

when this is the most critical time to support you.

This is when the change happens…

This is when you move your health forward.

And for many you’re left to your devices to figure it out.

In fact just the other day my client told me that after spending 4 days in the hospital, the doctors told her to follow a certain diet.

When she asked "what dose that mean", and "what was involved?"

The doctors answer was


This is all too common.

And it’s not just conventional medicine.

Even if you had the most amazing visit with your favourite naturopathic doctor or functional medicine practitioner you’re bound to have questions.

And who doesn’t benefit from additional support and accountability?

There are more than 65 studies published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology that found that social support and accountability have a positive effect on mental and physical health outcomes.

That is why I created this membership

After 15 years of practice I noticed that something was missing...


  • overwhelm with your diagnosis and everything that comes with the diagnosis

  • frustration due to the lack of answers from your medical professional

  • feeling of disempowering that medication is the only solution provided

  • anxious of what your future holds...

  • confused when you google solutions

  • paralyzed when thinking about where to start?

Are you Looking to your Medical doctor for answers they don't have...

If you answered YES,,,, you are definitely in the right place.


I introduced group programs, where patients could come together, support each other, and be led by my team. And the results were truly awe-inspiring. People experienced incredible shifts in their health and raved about the content and community.

But once the program was done I would get emails asking for help..they would slide back into old health habits and start to feel poorly again.

I've coined this lottery syndrome. (more than 85% of people that win the lottery are back to where they were within 5 years).

For over 15 years, I've been privileged to work with thousands of autoimmune patients, guiding them on their journey to better health. And let me tell you, the key to success has always been support. Those who received more support - either through frequent visits or working with my team between appointments - achieved remarkable results within just 8 months to a year.

However, this level of care wasn't possible for everyone due to the cost... I was determined to change that, I wanted to do more and I wanted to create something that would have a lasting impact. So, I set out to create a revolutionary program that combined the power of community with expert guidance. And that's exactly what I did.

This broke my heart...

I knew I need to create something affordable for long-term benefits and that created the results I love seeing...

While conducting group programs, I took my research to the next level and embarked on a mission to educate healthcare providers about autoimmune. I spent the last few years talking to thousands of experts - Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Nutritionists and more - about the intricacies of diet, lifestyle, supplements, medical interactions, and collaborative management and treatment of autoimmune.

As a former high school teacher, I relished the opportunity to break down this complex condition and share my knowledge with my colleagues. It was like being in the classroom all over again, but with a brand new subject matter!"


one of my one on one clients asked me... HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR THIS EDUCATION?

It became so clear.

WHY am I teaching the doctors when I could be teaching YOU!

And giving you the knowledge to make informed health decisions, the knowledge to take your health back.

Let's cut out the middle man and make you the CEO of your health...

That's when it hit me...


Providing you with the knowledge, support and community!

I created this membership out of a need to provide support for my clients between doctors visits...

But I quickly realized this was needed for so many more people...

Who is this membership for?

  • You have questions about anything lifestyle, root cause, nutrition, vitamins and minerals etc...

  • You want support between your medical appointments to keep you on track and accountable

  • you want to be part of a community wth people going through exactly what you are

  • You have a great doctor that you love but they don't have an autoimmune focus and you want some insight

  • You want to become an advocate for your health, you want better conversations with your doctor

  • You want a place to learn that you know is evidence-based (it means no guessing, based on research)

  • You have questions and have been dying to pick my brain (I get asked this all the time!)

  • You want an affordable solution for understanding your autoimmune condition

Hi there....

In case we haven't met... I'm Dr. Alison

I understand what you're going through because I've been in your shoes. The brain fog, pain, inflammation, exhaustion, and worries that come with an autoimmune condition can be overwhelming.

I've had medical appointments where I felt frustrated and helpless, without getting the answers I needed. I recall asking my endocrinologist about the connection between my condition and hormones, stress, or diet, but was met with a blank stare and a dismissive response. “ don’t be ridiculous, it’s an autoimmune condition, there’s nothing you can do. It’s all down to your genetics”. It was disheartening, especially considering my education and background in health. How could your biochemistry and physiology have nothing to do with a health condition? That went against everything I learnt in naturopathic medical school.

I refused to accept that there was nothing I could do. I spent two years determined to improve my health and with the help of a colleague, Naturopathic Doctor, I was able to get back to my old self, but a healthier version. I regained my energy, reduced inflammation and puffiness, improved my mental health, and balanced my hormones. I was even able to stop my medication.

Looking back on this journey, I realized two things. First, I had to take responsibility for my own health and become my advocate. This has always been my mission as a naturopathic doctor, to give my clients the skills and knowledge to navigate and advocate for their care.

Second, I realized that my endocrinologist wasn't to blame for not having the answers. I was asking questions they never learned in medical school, questions that didn't have a place in our conventional medical system.

Unfortunately, 15 years later, the situation remains unchanged.

That's why I created this membership - to empower you to become the CEO of your health, to give you the knowledge and insights to advocate for yourself, to have better conversations with your doctors, and to have a place to ask questions and get answers from someone trained and knowledgeable. AND to prove you with support between your medical visits.

Naturopathic Doctor

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Host of the Podcast Autoimmune Simplified

Have you...

started to google

and read up on diets and supplements to take for autoimmune


There is sooooo much information out there in google land. Now you have more questions that before you started...

How do you know what to believe?

How do I know if it will interact with my medication?

And where do you even start?

It's so overwhelming

started working

with a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine doctor


It's costing you a fortune and you've quickly found out that you know more than they do about autoimmune!! That they actually don't focus on autoimmune.

I know it's hard to find a doctor that has a focus in autoimmune and is up to date on the research. I get emails every day to work with me...

already have the

most amazing doctor, you love working with & you want to work with them


You need more support between your visits. And want to learn more, but you don't trust the information online.

(I get it, you can't)

YES!!! That is exactly why I created this membership!

Between the Visits membership is a community of like-minded people going through the same struggles as you, led by a Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine practitioner that has been working collaboratively with autoimmune clients for over 15 years, AND who has spent the last 4 years educating the medical community on the functional approach to autoimmune.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn about your body.

It's like the best autoimmune self-help book come to life!

Here’s a bold question for you

Are you ready to get off the rollercoaster that goes with autoimmune and step into the driver's seat of your health?

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!


Providing you with the knowledge, support and community!

Skip the years of trying to DIY your autoimmune Condition...

  • More energy

  • ​Less pain and inflammation

  • ​No more guessing if this supplement will work

  • The confidence to become your own health advocate!

  • Understanding Conventional & Functional Testing

  • ​Know drug interactions

  • Finally get the answers and results!

The best part is...

you're receiving more than $1500 value for less 1 doctors visit a month...

The investment in your health is only

(less then the cost of a coffee per day!!)

$39 per month

[Join now and lock in at the founder's rate, until you decide to cancel]

Take a closer look at what's included....

  • ​Weekly Community Calls the first 3 weeks of each month, with Dr. Alison Danby, ND, and our nutritionist - your chance to ask the experts questions.

**Please note that you can no ask us personal medical advice at these calls

  • Monthly deep dives into autoimmune conditions, supplements, labs, and concepts - Based on Research done on human trials

    • Hair loss, brain fog, functional testing, SIBO, leaky gut, peri-menopause, menopause, fertility, etc...

    • Did you ever wonder if you should be taking zinc for RA? This is where we dive into what the research tells us works and doesn't.

  • Live access to our Seasonal 2-hour workshops on key topics

    • Autoimmune Fatigue,

    • Autoimmune Mental health,

    • Hashimoto and thyroid health

    • plus others

    • (Free if you're a member, non member cost $149)

  • A full library of Autoimmune educational videos & recordings of all past webinars and training.

    • Plus real-time expert insight into new research as it emerges

  • Resources to support your journey:

    • Digital workbooks including questionnaires,

    • Over 300 recipes.

    • Meal plans with our favourite recipes

    • Including a shopping list.

  • 50% Discount on Dr. Danby's Autoimmune programs - designed to accompany your healing journey and to ensure no stone goes unturned

    • Autoimmune Gut Health,

    • Autoimmune inflammation & Pain,

    • Autoimmune Hormones,

    • Autoimmune Cleanse

  • Plus Guest speakers and experts interviews just for you

We will dive into virtually every aspect of autoimmune health including

(but not limited to):

  • Nutrition

  • Gut health

  • Leaky gut

  • Microbiome

  • IBS


  • Mental health

  • Brain Fog

  • Triggers/Stressors

  • Stealth infections

  • Viral infections

  • Mold

  • Exercise

  • Peri-menopause

  • Menopause

  • Hormones

  • Adrenals

  • Thyroid

  • Nervous System

  • Pain

  • Inflammation ·

  • Autoimmune detox

  • Liver function

  • Oxidative health

  • Hair loss

  • Anxiety

  • Mental Health

  • Sleep

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Osteoporosis

Plus so many more.....

What are people saying about the program

“Alison Danby is an exceptional communicator. She is a natural teacher and has a compelling capacity to deliver the complex subject matter in a digestible way. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”                                            

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND (inactive)

Dr. Alison Danby has been the first medical professional to explain Autoimmune disease in such a way that made it easy to understand. I was able to read about my disease and follow in depth resources to help me gain control over my disease. In the 4 weeks I worked with Dr Danby I began to realize there is so much hope to regain a quality of life I had given up on ever having again. Dr. Danby has so much knowledge and such an incredibly positive energy around Autoimmune Disease I would urge anyone that suffers to tap into this knowledge and positivity. It was an incredible opportunity to take this program. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute!


I have learned so much! The conversations I have my my own medical doctor are so much better and I feel like I finally have control over my condition. Thank you for giving me my life back Alison.


“I just watched your lecture at AANP which was uh-mazing! So helpful and informative, I struggle a lot with where to even start as we investigate when patients present with complicated symptoms associated with autoimmunity. Just wanted to say thanks for the work you are doing- it’s needed”                                            

Dr. Bethany, Naturopathic Doctor

At first I was hesitant about another online class, but the autoimmune master class was well laid out, so informative and supportive. It will help me with my journey to health for a long time to come. Can't say enough good things about Dr. Danby. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills.


This program was so helpful for me. A true education. A lot of the information I had come across in bits, this program organized it all and presented it in a very logical way. I've found it extremely helpful in terms of learning and the resources for future use. I especially appreciate having had the opportunity to ask questions specific to health education to use with my doctor.


Join the Autoimmune Movement...

You deserve support between and a place to have your questions asked by an autoimmune focused doctor.

  • Would you ask your accountant for health advice? of course not!... Stop looking for advice in facebook groups.

  • Stop spending thousands of dollars on supplements and testing that doesn't get results.

Instead...join a membership full of like-minded people going through the same struggles as you, led by a Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine practitioner that has been working collaboratively with autoimmune clients for over 15 years, AND who has spent the last 4 years educating the medical community on the functional approach to autoimmune.

Join now...

Price will be increasing March 31st

$39 per month

You have Questions? We have Answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

I am on medication – is this program for me?

Absolutely. Everything you learn inside ‘The Academy’ can be applied whether or not you are currently taking medications. Depending on your condition, your goal may be to get off your medications (as Dr. Danby’s was) – or it may not be. Either way, you will find useful information inside the course to help you take control of your health and improve your quality of life.

I’m already working with a naturopath/coach – is this membership for me?

It certainly could be! Even if you’ve got a coach or other practitioner(s) that are working for you, you will find value inside ‘The Academy’ in the form of information about other topics, support and exposure to other types of treatments.

Is this platform new?

Yes, if you’re seeing this, you have the opportunity to sign up as a founding member of The Autoimmune Academy, at a lower-than-it’ll-ever-be rate. The group will be small at first, which means more personalized attention and support for you. Over time we expect the community

Is this program appropriate for all autoimmune diseases? What about for prevention?

Yes, the information in this program is applicable to all autoimmune diseases – from mild to severe – and is also very useful for prevention. So, if you’ve noticed symptoms but don’t have an official diagnosis or autoimmune diseases run in your family, joining can absolutely be beneficial (and we would love to have you!)

What if I join and it's not right for me?

Firstly, we would be very surprised! This membership was build off recommendations of thousands of autoimmune clients. However, if this doesn't meet your needs, then we are happy to cancel your membership. If you're not happy we definitely don't want to force you to hang out with us!

Send us an email at least 15 days before your next billing date and we'll cancel the payments.

Note; we require email notification 15 days before your billing day requesting cancelation to prevent another payment from occurring.

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